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got my lovely septum today.

so how many people have it pierced actually through the cartilage, rather than the "sweet spot"?
whats the difference with healing, if anyone knows.
mines through the cartilage.
and its sore as hell.
and actually, just started bleeding.

none the less i think it looks good.
i plan on keeping it down unless im sleeping.
i have a problem with over cleaning,
so im going to try to cut down on that for this piercing too.
sorry for the crappy photo,
if it needs to be behind a cut tell me.

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i had to do it
i had to retire my nipping rings.
nothing helped.
and they hurt like hell.

so i was wondering,
i had them for almost exactly 2 years...
how long do you think it will take for them to heal up?
will they look funny?
maybe this is a dumb question but ive never seen nipples after retiring and healing the piercing up.

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so yea i know i just posted and all but,
does anyone know where i can get a REALLY good picture of medusa,
like a drawing//painting
somethign like that
not the sculpting that google only wants to show me,
im trying to get ideas for my chest piece,
and i think shes going to be the main thing on it
so yea,
if anyone has any ideas or websites or pictures,
please let me know

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heyyyy im new.
yesterday was my 18th birthday :]
and i went and got my first tattoo,

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

and i am very happy with it.
i have 9 piercings,
4 lobes, first holes at the size after 00[sorry, i forgot the siza:\], and the others 10 gauges.
1 cartilage in my left ear,
right nostril,
and navel.
im thinking of getting top snake bites on my upper lip, with rings.
im wondering how this would look on me,
and i cant seem to find ANY pictures ANYWHERE of this done, to show exacty what i want,
because i tell people about it sometimes,
and they are like,
ok? wtf...
so yea....
the 2 questions,
1] how would i look?
picturesCollapse )
2]any pix of this????
thankssss for the help,
x-postedddd sorry
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Photobucket users:

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Meaning they can use your photos/make money off of them and not have to pay you anything.

UPDATE: http://www.photobucket.com/terms.php

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The Final Word: It seems Photobucket did use the above language up until March 7th, when they modified it to the below. I imagine they got some indignant and hostile communications in the last few. lol

Photobucket.com requires a license to your User Content so that it can host your images and other User Content on its servers and otherwise perform the Services. This license is temporary and will terminate once you remove your User Content from Services. Accordingly, in connection with your use of the Services, you grant to Photobucket.com a temporary, universal, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable license to: use, copy, modify, print, and display any User Content only as necessary to perform the Services and to distribute your User Content in instances where you have (i) made your album public, (ii) posted a link to your album or User Content on another website or (iii) otherwise shared a link or the password to your album or User Content.